Thursday, 14 June 2012

I have survived!

I have completed my first week at work.

'Work' being the day job that I returned to on Monday marking the end of my year's maternity leave.  It's been ok.  It's gone well.  Better than expected.  And if a working week is complete by Wednesday lunchtime then I can't complain now can I?

The Husband is enjoying a couple of weeks off at the moment which has meant The Baby has had a few days at home with Daddy and I've had the peace of mind that all is well at home and I can just get on with getting back into the swing of this work thing. 

In many ways, I think I got the easier deal this week as The Baby has been suffering with more teeth coming through.  As a result he's been a little grumpy and very clingy.  What with that, and the fact that our house is once again in disarray whilst we are having the kitchen floor tiled, then you could say that The Husband has had a baptism of fire to his new part-time role of being solely in charge at home!

Just one thing I'm not too impressed I really have to go back to work each and every Monday morning? I'm not sure I'm too keen on that idea...

Monday, 11 June 2012

The time is now

Well.  Continuing on from the post entitled 'Busy'  I'm finally writing about some more of the busy stuff that is going on at the moment.

Not content with my return to 'the day job' next week, we - 'we' being me and The Husband - appear to have started our business - Teatime Vintage.  I say 'appear' to have started because it's all happening rather quickly.  In a good way :)

Since we got married last year - when we collected lots of gorgeous vintage china for our cream tea party - we have been plotting and planning Teatime Vintage. Lovely Teatime Vintage.   A business that hires out vintage china and linens, offers an event styling and set-up service along with cakes and afternoon tea catering and pop-up tea parties.

But, with The Husband currently studying for a Radiography Degree, and me returning to 'the day job' today, then we kind of thought that over the next couple of years we will slowly attempt to build up our business.  The eventual aim being that in the hope that when The Husband qualifies and finds a suitable post then I may be able to think about leaving work in order to concentrate on the business.

However, it felt as if we had the opportunity to move on with things when, a couple of months ago we received an email from a friend of one of The Friends.  Our lovely friend had  kindly recommended us to a friend of hers who is getting married next year and who may be interested in hiring our our vintage china collection.

'Hurrah' we thought. Along with 'we need to get our website sorted out with our price list and details of our services'.  And, 'we should begin collecting china again!".

Spurred on by this activity and excitement at the prospect of our business idea taking on some shape and possibly becoming reality, we then booked a stall at a Jubilee Vintage Fair at the fab Nichols Building Vintage, Arts and Crafts Centre.  We held that stall last Sunday and sold a selection of cakes, retro sweets, cards, pictures and a few vintage bits and pieces.

It went well. You can read more about it here, in the Teatime Vintage blog (there was, of course, always going to be another blog ;) ) and here, in a brilliant blog called 'Pretty Used Things'  And if you get chance, please take a look at the Teatime Vintage website.  I am so fired up and excited about all of this that I can't stop smiling and I go to to bed dreaming of tea parties.

Which brings me to this. "The Time is Now" - the title of this blog post and also the title of a Moloko track, a track I love.  Not meaning to be morbid but it's a track I want to be played at my funeral- I've told all my nearest and dearest - despite my cunning planning to outlive them all ;) - and now it's print then it really must happen. 

The time is now.  Not tomorrow, today.  I've come to the conclusion that if there is something you really want to do, then get stuck in and get on with it.  Do all you can to make it happen.  Life is for living and not for waiting for a so-called  right time.  More often than not, there is no 'right time'.  Just different times.  And if we let too many of those different times escape us then time simply runs out.

May be it all sounds a bit idealistic.  Maybe it's to do with my having turned 40  and recognising that time is moving by very quickly.  Or maybe I'm simply giddy with tea party stuff...if this is the case though, please indulge me for a little while...just whilst I give it a little go :)