Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Snippets of everyday conversation #19

It is Sunday morning and the four of us are squished into the one bed for weekend snuggles.  The Husband has just finished telling us about a dream he had the night before which featured the ER character Peter Benton.  It is unclear as to whether Peter was a doctor in the dream.

The Husband:  "And then I had the best dream."

Me:  "Which was...?"

The Husband "We were jumping all around the living room, bouncing really high on the furniture jumping from one thing to the next."

Me:  "...'we'  being?"

The Husband (huge daft grin on his face):  "Me and the gorilla."

Me:  "You and the gorilla.  Of course." 

I turn to The Eight Year Old who raises his eyebrows. The One Year Old looks on bemused.