Thursday, 14 August 2014


“….to over indulge in something…to become tired of it…lose enthusiasm”    

Online Dictionary 2014

Deciding to move house. Completing a degree and finding work.  Becoming disillusioned with a current career. Planning and booking holidays. Maintaining a sense of normality in family life.  End of year school events: sports day; summer fair; school disco; Deciding to quit the day-job after sixteen years of working for the one organisation.  Packing up a house.  Planning for the future.  Enjoying time with family and friends. Applying for jobs.  Resurrecting a business idea and developing new ones. Moving house.  Having food poisoning. Leaving a job.  Going on holiday. 

This is a summary of the past four months of our lives. The Husband, The Ten Year Old, The (now) Three year old. And Me.

Jaded?  Yes a little.  Jaded by everyday living, simultaneously coping with big, life changing events.  I’d like to think our two boys had been shielded from most of the stress and pressure but it would be nothing more than denial to suggest that they have remained completely unaffected by recent events.

And so, a two week, split location UK holiday was just what was needed to get us back on track. Yes?  Well, sort of.  On the day we left to go on holiday, my Facebook status read: “ It turns out that that packing to go on a two week holiday only a week after moving house and whilst recovering from food poisoning is every bit as stressful as you might imagine!”.

It would be fair to say that it took a little longer than usual to unwind and get into full-on holiday mode. But, unwind we did and by the end of the holiday we were feeling, if not relaxed, than at the very least, less ‘broken’. 

Returning home to a house we had lived in for only a week was a little disconcerting…a bit like being in another holiday home where you are unsure of where to find the crockery.

A week into the ongoing unpacking and home improvements and it is a struggle to maintain any sense of a post-holiday refreshed feeling.  “You know what you need don’t you?” offered The Husband at the end of a long and busy day, a hint of hysteria rising and a slightly manic look in his eye.  “Please, enlighten me” I responded dryly.  “A two week holiday”.




  1. Hope you find your feet and feel settled soon, I'm sure you will. Home is where the heart is afterall x

    1. Thank you B. :) We are already loving the house in spite of the chaos! Jx

  2. Good to read you again Ju :-) and much identification as always x Caroline x (PS - puts me in mind of 'middle class problems' though! :-)

    1. As a working class Northern lass ;) I find it hard to acknowledge and accept just how 'middle class' our lifestyle is... I often find myself thinking though that if these are the things that cause us stress then we are extremely fortunate!