About me

Hi, thank you for visiting my blog.  

I’m Ju.  I live in Sheffield in the UK with my husband and two sons.   Although I make no claim of expertise, I have some experience in co-parenting as I seperated from my eldest son's Dad when he was only eighteen months old - I've recently started to explore and discuss some of the issues that this situation has created amongst these pages.

My very first blog post read a little like this:-

And so it begins.

Okay. So what’s a girl to do when she’s turning 40 in three weeks time, has a seven (and the all important three quarters) year old son, an eleven week old baby, and a gorgeous new husband who’s keen for her to celebrate said birthday?  She hires a small ‘castle’ in Stafford for three nights and plans to party.  She also decides to start writing a blog...”

These are some of the things I like:- beaches,  fairground carousels, taking bubble baths,  making footprints in the snow, sour flavoured sweets, French films, feeling the sunshine on my face, drinking tea, lazy Saturdays at home, smelling the pages of a new book, marshmallows.

I don’t like these things:-  being cold, science fiction films, talking on the phone,  rock ballads, raisins, magnolia coloured paint. 

One day, I hope to live by the sea.

I’d really like to hear from you so please leave me a comment about a post or email me:- ju.musingsonlife@gmail.com

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